Writing my First Novel “Legally in Love”

I know most of us have a novel within us. And that for some unfathomable reason, we are too scared to get it out.

Believe me, I too wasn’t any different, even after writing (and publishing) 15 non-fiction books on various topics including cooking and self-help. Somehow I still considered writing novel to be sheer torture!

However, there was a story swirling around my head for a very long time. That story was urging me to get it out on paper.

It was telling me that as an artist I should be challenging myself every day. If I am not challenging myself, I am not growing. If I am not growing, I am dying. Slowly, bit by bit…

That story forced me to open a MS-Word document and just type away.

As the story unfolded, almost by itself, I realised that writing fiction could be fun. Shaping characters is so exciting. Playing around with plot twists is actually enjoyable.

Writing my first novelAnd so here it is: my first Romance Novel titled “Legally in Love”.

I have written this novel without a care about what others might say about my writing skills. In fact, I wrote just to entertain myself.

Now I hope that you too will enjoy reading what I enjoyed writing.

In case, you do love reading clean and wholesome romance, you may want to download a sample now.

And enjoy!

Here is the synopsis:

Meet Amit Verma, a 27 year-old dreamy corporate lawyer looking for a job in Delhi, India.

One morning, while going through his mobile phone contact list, he comes across the entry for Naina Karnad, a girl who stole his heart some two years back in his former workplace.

The problem: He has not dialled her number in a year.

Will they ever meet again?

Will their love life survive the corporate intrigues and the recession?

“Legally in love” is a powerful tale of two souls battling their way through the ruthless world of corporate office politics to discovering their true love and passion.

By the way, the book is available on all major e-book retailer sites including Kindle, Nook, Kobo, iTunes, Google Play, Scribd, etc. 

You may like to first download a sample of this book at no cost by going here.


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