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  • John says:

    Hi, I just wanted to thank you for quite phoniex. I am very much at that point in both my life and career, it truly has helped to know I am not alone being in this situation. It has helped strengthen my resolve to take a bold step from what is very secure employment that is slowly killing me as a person. I have often thought of writing books on several topics, I hope to find the time to utilise your reasearch to achieve this.

    • Prasenjeet says:

      Thanks, John. I’m glad that my book proved to be useful to you in making a choice in career change. I wish you all the best with your future career (in case you decide to take the plunge). If you need any tips on writing or self publishing, you can always give a shout. And the secret to writing success is to never give up, no matter what the circumstances!

  • Wilbur says:

    You should stop that intrusive ‘windows update’ window that pops up. It makes your site appear like a hackers trick, and it continually downloads stuff into my download folder.

    What you said here was making sense to me, but once this started happening I left.

    • Prasenjeet says:

      Hi Wilbur. I always welcome feedback from my readers. From your comment, I could figure out your potential source of confusion. On my side bar, I used to run an ad service from a Company called Qadabra on the understanding that they will be showing “context sensitive ads” based on your interests. I didn’t realise that it was showing some really weird ads such as “Your PC ran into trouble” or “Download Now”. Thanks for letting me know. I am immediately stopping this service and hope to have you back soon to my blog. My apologies once again. 🙂

  • sesan says:

    Great service and good blog. I am a passionate author too. I will be emailing you. I m looking forward to more business relationship with you.

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