Romance in India Series


Writing my first novelMeet Amit Verma, a 27 year-old dreamy corporate lawyer looking for a job in Delhi, India.

One morning, while going through his mobile phone contact list, he comes across the entry for Naina Karnad, a girl who stole his heart some two years back in his former workplace.

The problem: He has not dialled her number in a year.

Will they ever meet again?

Will their love life survive the corporate intrigues and the recession?

“Legally in love” is a powerful tale of two souls battling their way through the ruthless world of corporate office politics to discovering their true love and passion.


Love Karma CrossedHe vowed he’d love her so much that even death will be scared to come near her…..

MUMBAI: Raj Sharma, an aspiring Bollywood actor, is devastated when he learns that his wife, Nisha, a celebrity singer and a woman he deeply loves, is terminally ill.

Nobody can save her.

Not modern or ancient medicine.

Not prayers or religious mumbo-jumbo.

Not soothsayers or evil eye totems—nothing works.

Raj believes only his love can save Nisha.

Others think that is irrational stupidity.

Who is right?

Will Raj succeed?

Or will the inevitable happen?

And will Raj be forced to helplessly watch his lovely wife die bit by bit in front of his eyes?

Strangely Raj and Nisha decide to embark on a journey. A life changing journey.

From the glittering lights of Hong Kong to the intriguing caves, ruins, churches and mosques of Turkey, the journey unravels the deepest mysteries of the human heart.

And always posing the question—whether love can really heal?


paperbackfrontsmallDELHI:  Meet Anuj Kaul, a twenty something college student.  Inspired by his Cousin Nisha Sharma’s love story, he longs to find his true love someday. But his romantic liaisons disappoint him so much that he vows never to fall in love again.

LONDON: Ella Akerson, a London Royal College of Music student and a brilliant violinist, is on the verge of dying. Her problem: She is her own worst enemy.

Anuj and Ella. Two souls like two rivers meet in London. Different origins. One destination—True ever-lasting love.

Will Anuj find true love?

And can love save Ella from the path of self-destruction she has herself embarked on?


A Holocaust in Kashmir destroys two lives till love unites them. Again.

From the Amazon #1 Best-Selling Author, comes a tender coming-of-age love story of two Kashmiri Pandits, whose lives are torn asunder by Islamist terrorists.

Meet Reshma and Sanjay, who grow up in Kashmir, and consider the beautiful valley their only home in the entire world.

Till the early 1990s. When terrorists for no rhyme or reason make them lose everything. Their lovely homes in Srinagar, their relatives, their friends… and themselves.

Forcing them to live in exile, in penury, and worse—without the comfort of each other.

Can Sanjay stand up to radical Islam and win?

Can Reshma heal herself and re-connect with her love ever?

Share the pain and sufferings of the two lovers as they pick up the shattered pieces of their lives bit-by-bit with grit, determination and just pure love in their hearts.

 “You Can’t Kill My Love” is a story of passionate love and enduring bravery in a world where innocents think they stand no chance against indoctrinated terrorists.

But they could just be so wrong!


Autistically YoursThe world of Dev Singh and Meera Desai is different. Both are diagnosed with autism. And both perceive love and beauty differently.

Their challenge: Forget about love; nobody wants to be even friends with them.  Not in school. Not in college. And not even in their workplaces.

But Dev and Meera believe there is someone special waiting for them. Somewhere in this vast, wide, world. Dev wears a suit every day and carries a rose in his hand hoping to give it to his chosen one someday.

Meera prefers spending time with her ideal friend—a sketch of a man she drew herself—a man in a dark suit and a Mandrake’s hat. She believes her ideal friend is someone who is not judgemental and will never leave her alone.

The problem: Dev and Meera live thousands of miles apart. Meera in Mumbai; Dev in Kalimpong, a picturesque small town in Northern West Bengal.

Explore Dev and Meera’s journey as they travel across India in search of each other.

Will they fall in love? And will their relationship survive the dire predictions made by the specialists?

Share their joys, sufferings and heartbreaks as Dev and Meera battle their own inner demons in search of a solution that may work. For them.


A gripping tale of love, terror, and the indefatigable human spirit that starts out to rescue love but ends up saving the nation…

Major Akhil Thapar’s life turns upside down when he steps on a land mine while battling terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir.

With his left leg gone, he has to adjust to a new reality. That he is crippled. That his career in the army is over. That he will now be wedded to his wheel chair. Forever.

Till one fine morning when he meets Amrita Arora, a witty, smart, and intrepid conflict-zone TV journalist, in the hospital where he is recuperating.

They fall in love when Major Akhil discovers a secret about Amrita. A secret that connects the two of them.

But everything is thrown off balance when Amrita goes missing. It falls on Major Akhil alone to rescue his love. Little does he know that in his resolve to save Amrita, he would embark on a dangerous roller-coaster mission to save his country.


A Romance novel that challenges the very concept of love.

People say love and logic don’t go together… that love is blind… that sometimes we should trust our hearts more than our mind. That’s what Simi Chatwal and Vikram Sethi, best friends in college, too once believed in. In love at first sight, in relationships that last till eternity…

Then Simi meets Shail Singh who seems to have everything she is looking for—sophistication, charm, generosity, and a perfect job as an Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer. Indeed, her Prince Charming.

At the same time, Vikram falls for Veena, the most fashionably turned out girl in college, who also happens to share his entrepreneurial dreams.

Both perfectly natural choices spark off a chain of events that leave Simi and Vikram bewildered and fighting for their lives. Literally.

Fast paced like a thriller and electrifying in intensity like a romance novel When You Can’t Trust Love will keep you at the edge of the seat and shake you to the core when you finish reading it.

Always posing the question—should love be blind to reason?

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