Writing my first book

Writing my first book

When I started writing my first book, I had an idea in my mind that I should write a book for an audience which does not know how to cook at all. So the sub-title of my book had to be “Even If You Have Never Boiled An Egg Before”.

I was already running a blog www.cookinginajiffy.com discussing my mom’s recipes. A few interactions on Facebook made me realize that some group members were actually just starting out in the kitchen, and didn’t know how to even make tea or set up a basic kitchen.

This reminded me of my own College days in University College London when I was forced to cook because the Hall of Residence, that I was living in, did not serve any meals during the weekends. So, I had a first-hand knowledge of the problems faced by beginners in this field.

I researched further on the internet. I also checked on Amazon and “looked inside” (a great feature on Amazon that allows you to read about 10% of Kindle versions) a few student cookbooks. I realised that most of the student cookbooks assumed that you knew a little cooking and jumped straight to recipes such as sweet n’ sour Chinese chicken. This could be a problem for someone who does not even know how to boil an egg, let alone make sweet n’ sour chicken.

So I started writing my outline in that background. Here is a sample of the first rough outline that I wrote:

Cover Page

Copyright Notice

What People Say



  • Who is this book for?
  • My Story—why I had to learn how to boil an egg and do much more?
  • Why should you learn cooking?
  • How NOT to turn cooking into a chore?
  • How only home-style cooking can ensure putting nutritious food on your table?
  • What if things go wrong in the kitchen?

Lesson 1: Setting up your kitchen: What equipment to start with?

Lesson 2: What spices and other ingredients you need to stock and experiment with?

Lesson 3: How to make tea or Coffee?

Lesson 4: How to toast bread and graduate to:

·         Making bread crumbs

·         Making a Garlic toast

·         Making a cheese garlic toast

Lesson 5: How to boil and peel an egg flawlessly and graduate to?

·         Making an Egg sandwich

·         Making an Egg grilled sandwich

·         Making an Egg poach or Egg Benedict

·         Making an Egg fry

·         Making an Omelette

·         Making a Cheese or Spanish Omelette

·         Making a Scrambled egg

·         Making a French Toast

Lesson 6: How to cook your vegetables?

  • Sauté peas
  • Grill tomatoes
  • Sauté spinach
  • Roast Baby Potatoes
  • Sauté mushrooms
  • Sauté mixed vegetables
  • Sauté anything and everything
  • Learn to make a white sauce
  • Steaming vegetables- the Jiffy way
  • Make Vegetables au gratin
  • Make Aubergines au gratin
  • Grill cottage cheese

Lesson 7: How to handle chicken?

  • What should you buy whole or cut into pieces?
  • How to boil a chicken?
  • What to do with a boiled chicken?
  •  Make a delicious chicken sandwich
  •  Make a grilled chicken sandwich
  •  Make a cold chicken
  •  Make a breaded chicken for dinner
  • How to grill a chicken

Lesson 8: What to do with fish and seafood?

  • How to grill trout.
  • Make a simple Indian fish curry
  • Graduate to making fish in a Yoghurt and mustard paste

Lesson 9: How about some soups for your soul?

  • Making Pumpkin soup
  • Making Tomato carrot soup
  • Making the classic Chicken soup
  • Graduate to making the Chicken Sweet Corn Soup: Chinese style

Lesson 10: Making a full meal in 30 minutes: with proper sequencing & parallel processing

  • The concept of Foundation Meals and parallel processing
  • Making a Foundation Breakfast
  • Making a Foundation Indian  Lunch or Dinner
  • Making a Foundation Western Lunch or Dinner

Parting Tips

  •  Make Cooking a pleasurable experience by involving your friends and family members
  • Don’t shy away from tweaking, adapting and experimenting with any cooking idea you come across, including from this book.

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I am sure you would have got a pretty good idea by now of why and how you should write an outline. I have always written an outline for all of my book

Nothing can help organize your thoughts better.

What is your favourite way of preparing a book structure? Would like to hear your views.



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