Ready for a Tell-all Memoir on the Inside Working of a Top Indian Law Firm? Quiet Phoenix Now Available on all Amazon Platforms

Dear Friends,

You may be happy to learn that my latest book Quiet Phoenix: An Introvert’s Guide to Rising in Career & Life is available on Amazon worldwide.

Did I tell you that this is my some kind of a tell-all memoir on the inside working of a top Indian law firm?

At one level, backed with extensive research, the book focuses on the “problems” of introverts:

Who feel that their extroverted colleagues are better at marketing themselves and in getting ahead in career;  

Who feel sick and tired of long working hours;

Who don’t know how to deal with office bullies;

Who are aghast at Co-workers stealing their ideas;

Who can’t believe that their bosses can practice blatant favouritism;

Or that they can have a Colleague just round the corner who is willing to backstab them without any provocation.

At another level, “Quiet Phoenix” is a 243-page book:

First, for all law students who have starry eyed notions of working in a corporate law firm;

Second, for those Junior Associates who have just entered the portals of their dream firm and are bewildered, for example, at the senselessly long hours they are required to clock in;

And third, for the Managing Partners who need to see in the mirror how horrible they look and what they need to do to become human again.

Using everyday office incidents, experiences and politics that anyone (and not just lawyers) can immediately relate to, this book, I  hope, not only inspires but makes you come with your own uniquely actionable plan.

The characters used in the book are so life-like that they will immediately remind you of someone in your workplace.

You have the Senior Associate one Mr. Late Nightaholic who loves to let his juniors twiddle their thumbs the whole day and then at 6.30 pm dumps a lot of work to keep them busy the whole night.

Then you have Ms. Senior Partner, who despite being a junior associate acts as if she is the senior partner for all junior associates.

Next is Ms. Goof-up Queen, who is trying to be a senior associate by proving that she is the only one NOT goofing up while everyone around her is churning out sheer garbage.

And at the very top is the partner Mr. Blood Sucker who is where he is because he is a childhood chum of the owner of the firm.

I would love to hear your views on Quiet Phoenix.

If you like the book, then I shall be grateful if you could leave a review on Goodreads or Amazon.


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