Writing my Second Romance Novel “Love Karma Crossed”

I hope you are doing well.

I am happy to announce that my latest novel “Love Karma Crossed” is now out on Amazon, Kobo, iTunes, Google Play and other e-Book platforms.

Love Karma Crossed

It was quite an emotional roller coaster ride writing a book of the heart and I’m so glad I wrote it.

I do hope you too will be equally entertained reading it. 🙂

So in case, you do love reading clean and wholesome romance, you may want to download a sample now.

And enjoy!

You may like to first download a sample of this book at no cost by going here:

Here is the synopsis:

He vowed he’d love her so much that even death will be scared to come near her…..

MUMBAI: Raj Sharma, an aspiring Bollywood actor, is devastated when he learns that his wife, Nisha, a celebrity singer and a woman he deeply loves, is terminally ill.

Nobody can save her.

Not modern or ancient medicine.

Not prayers or religious mumbo-jumbo.

Not soothsayers or evil eye totems—nothing works.

Raj believes only his love can save Nisha.

Others think that is irrational stupidity.

Who is right?

Will Raj succeed?

Or will the inevitable happen?

And will Raj be forced to helplessly watch his lovely wife die bit by bit in front of his eyes?

Strangely Raj and Nisha decide to embark on a journey. A life changing journey.

From the glittering lights of Hong Kong to the intriguing caves, ruins, churches and mosques of Turkey, the journey unravels the deepest mysteries of the human heart.

And always posing the question—whether love can really heal?


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