How to Market Your Books WITHOUT SPENDING A DIME

Finally a Book on Marketing that cuts out the Fluff and Focuses only on the ESSENTIALS

How to Market Your BooksAre you bombarded with strange and esoteric marketing advice, to sell your books in 1000 ways, that leaves you baffled, bewildered and terribly confused?

Do you feel that learning and mastering those complicated strategies have sucked away all the joy you once had for writing?

Then this book focusing on the BARE ESSENTIALS for marketing your book may just be what the doctor ordered.

From Prasenjeet Kumar, the Amazon #1 Best Selling Author of “Self-Publishing WITHOUT SPENDING A DIME” series of books, comes a book that after discussing threadbare all the fluff and jargon that marketing gurus spout establishes why ‘less is always more’.

At last!

This book is unique because:

* It does NOT advise you to hang out on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, Tumblr, Reddit, Stumble Upon, Pinterest, LinkedIn and any goddamn social media site that YOU, the writer, have to get a hang of. 

*It also does NOT advise you to create podcasts or YouTube videos, to pick up speaking assignments or to waste your time contacting bloggers and reviewers.

* Instead it focuses on the ESSENTIALS that you need to do to ACTUALLY SELL your books. The rest are optional and even serious time, money and energy wasters.

* It teaches you why your time is better spent in writing, spending quality time with your family, going to the gym or watching a movie, than on those other 1000 things that are recommended for boosting the sales rank of your books.

So is this book right for you?

YES, it may, if:

* You have written at least one book and are ready to publish it. It doesn’t matter if you have even considered traditional publishing or have already collected a pile of rejection letters.

* You have already self-published your first book and in absence of a traditional publisher pushing your book, you wish to understand how you can yourself market your book better.

* You have already published a few books, tried out a few marketing techniques but are not really sure what works and what does NOT. You wish to understand how you can utilise your time and money more effectively.

This book covers the following topics:

* Should you self-publish at all?

* Pros and cons of exclusivity

* The futility of conventional marketing tactics such as hanging out on social media, contacting reviewers, entering Goodreads Giveaways, etc.

* Mindset issues

* Effectiveness of PERMA-FREE versus the PERMA $0.99 strategy

* How to engage and sell your books to your readers via e-mail marketing

* And much more

BONUS: Learn How to Evaluate a Paid Advertising Option

* Which books to promote?

* Which sites to use?

* How to avoid fraudulent sites?

* How to track your sales without the use of any magical software?

* The best form of promotion.

And more, WITHOUT SPENDING A DIME as promised.

The Book is available on Amazon, Apple, Nook, Kobo, Google Play and other platforms.

So what are you waiting for? Click Here to Buy or download a sample now.


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