For the Heart: 7 tales of Romance

For The Heart

Morning without you is a dwindled dawn,” Emily Dickinson

“There is no instinct like that of the heart,” Lord Byron

Guys, I’m feeling a little mushy because I’m in a fantastic new bundle of seven books with one of my “Romance in India” novels, Love Karma Crossed. If you love reading romance novels, don’t let this GREAT OFFER slip away.

This amazing bundle consists of:

1) “Shooting for the Moon” by D. H. Hendrickson

2) “Where Dreams Are Born” by M. L. Buchman

3) “Love Karma Crossed” by Prasenjeet Kumar

4) “Flawless” By Jan Moran

5) “Second Spring” by Karen L. Abrahamson

6) “Applegate Farm” by N.W. Moors

7) “Heart Strings” by Maggie Jaimeson

You can buy the bundle from bundlerabbit directly or from Amazon, Kobo, iTunes or any of your favourite e-book venders. Click here to check out.



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