If I Could Publish, Without Spending A Dime, 3 Amazon Books In Six Months, So Can You….

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This is my story of how I could publish, 3 Amazon books in six months, without spending a dime.

 You, of course, don’t know me. By training and academic qualifications, I’m a corporate lawyer with an LLB (Hons.) degree from the University College London, and a Legal Practice Course (LPC) Diploma from College of Law, Bloomsbury, London. I had had also my share of corporate law stints in London and Delhi for three years.

But this all should be of no consequence to you.

What may interest you more is that over the last six months, I have been able to self-publish three Amazon books Worldwide, both in Kindle and Paperback avatars. These constitute the foundation block of  my “How to Cook Everything in a Jiffy” series of cookbooks.

And all this was achieved FREE. Without spending a dime on writing, editing, cover design, printing, binding, distributing, publicity, et al.

None of the  books look like those 20-50 page pamphlets that litter the Amazon eBook and other marketplaces today. My first book was 200 pages long (27,ooo words approx.), second  308 pages (37,000 words approx.) and my third book was 297 pages long (36,000 words approx.)

Did I mention that I am no Chef, by training, aptitude or inclination?  And also that I refuse to be labelled as a Cookbook author.

What I need to underline is that one fine morning, I just felt an urge.  I wanted to not only catalogue my family’s traditional and, what I think, innovative recipes but also  help busy people create cooked meals from scratch, in a jiffy, so to say.

I have generally loved writing about things that I am truly passionate about. I also like to dream  that my writings should help change at least some people’s lives forever (for good, of course!).

So I suppose, the first takeaway from my experience should be that if you intend to be a writer, it may be a good idea to also locate a similar urge and dream.

To be sure, initially I didn’t think I’d ever be a full-time author.

And now, I don’t want to be anything else!

In PUBLISHWITHPRASEN, I intend to share all my experiences of donning this second hat of author, blogger, publisher, and entrepreneur, all rolled into one.

It’ll be great if you could join me in this unique (for me at least) roller coaster ride of experiences, and allow me to benefit from your views as well.


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  • Shanmukha says:

    I want to learn how you did it & replicate the technique to my own niche, can you teach me ?, We are also friends in Goodreads. Keep up the good work man. cheers

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