ultimate guide

Time sensitive: Ultimate Guides to Indie Publishing Bundle

Just to let you know about an amazing bundle of six books and resources for writers that is only available for a limited time. Disclaimer: The Bundle also contains two … Continue Reading →

Payoneer: A brand new way to reclaim your royalties from CreateSpace and non-US territories on Kindle

If like me, you too live outside North America or Europe, you would know of the frustration in getting your hard earned royalties for books published through KDP or CreateSpace … Continue Reading →

do not check your sales everyday

Do not check your sales every day

Seriously. Checking your sales daily is a dangerous thing to do. It encourages short term thinking. Extremely short term. I am assuming that you want to be a writer for … Continue Reading →

Should you split your novels into smaller parts?

Should you split your novel into smaller parts just because others say so?

A few days back, an aspiring author contacted me asking for some advice related to the above intriguing query. Since the issues raised are important, I am taking the liberty … Continue Reading →